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We Are A Full Service Foundations Repairs Company

Is there a problem with the concrete underneath your house? Have you seen cracks in your brick walls recently? Maybe your house has begun to sink on one side and you need to fix it right away.

If you neglect your foundation’s deterioration, it will just get worse, so it’s important to fix these problems as soon as possible. Although foundation repair is something that should be considered urgently, working with the best foundation repair company in your city is critical.

You’re in need of foundation repair in Ottawa, but you’re not sure which company will meet your requirements? The wide range of repairs available at Neworld Foundations is what sets us apart from the competition.

With years of experience in foundation repairs in Ottawa, we can guarantee that your home’s foundation will be repaired in no time!

We’re the experts when it comes to fixing structural problems with your basement in Ottawa. We have a variety of foundation repair services in Ottawa, including :


Parging can really help protect your foundation and prevent water from getting inside your basement. A parge coating is a finish that is applied on the interior of your basement and on the exterior of your foundation. We’re the parging specialist in Ottawa!


French drain replacement

A French drain is a ditch with a perforated pipe that channels groundwater and surface water away from your home’s foundation. Over time, French drains can become damaged or shift out of place owing to soil movement around your home. Normally French drains should be reinstalled or replaced every 8 to 10 years.

At Neworld Foundations, we specialize in french drain replacement.


Foundation crack repairs in Ottawa

Foundation cracks can easily transform into a nightmare. The presence of holes or cracks in the brick exterior of your home is a strong indication that you might have foundation problems. At Neworld Foundations we’re the experts in repairing cracks in foundations in Ottawa.


Foundation waterproofing in Ottawa

It’s critical to keep water out of your foundation wall, and it’s one of the most vital tasks we’ll take to repair your foundation in Ottawa. Water may eventually seep into your basement if your foundation is not waterproof.

A moist basement not only stinks horrible, but it also invites mold growth. We’re the experts in waterproofing your foundation in Ottawa.


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Our Mission

At Neworld Foundation our mission is to help you fix your dream home and repair your foundation in Ottawa while providing the highest quality service.

At Neworld Foundations we have years of experience in foundation repair in Ottawa. Because of our commitment to quality foundation repairs, we are constantly trusted and referred. We pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of service when it comes to fixing your foundation.

Jenathan Couture-Blais – Owner of Newolrd Foundations

Excellent communication

What differentiates us from the competition is the excellent communication we have with our clients at every step of the project. We know that providing the highest quality of foundation repairs in Ottawa to our customers has been the key to our success.

We'll treat your home just like if it was ours

We’ll treat your home just like if it was ours and we’ll leave it in a perfect condition. If you need foundation repair in Ottawa, contact us today! You won’t be disappointed!

We'll help you with all your foundation repair needs

Whether you require us to seal and fix cracks in your foundation, replace a french drain or apply a parge coat to your exterior walls, it will be our pleasure to help you get your dream home!

Why Choose Us ?

These are just a few of the reasons why thousands of homeowners have put their faith in us to renovate their foundations. We complete everything correctly, on schedule, and within budget.


Teamwork is at the core of every project we do at Neworld Foundation. We’ll work together as a team and with homeowners to help them get their dream home.


Objective advice

We want you to have the foundation renovation you want and need, not the one that is easiest for us or more profitable for our company.

Customer Service

Excellent service is an integral part of every project we do. Time after time, we’ll deliver quality results that will exceed your expectations.


The long years of experience we have in foundation renovation in Ottawa allows us to offer much higher levels of expertise than other less experienced companies.


Integrity gives our business a competitive edge. Our company is based on sincerity and honesty. Transparency is at the heart of every foundation renovation and service we offer at Neworld Foundation.

We’re the only company you’ll need for foundation repairs in Ottawa

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