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If you’re in need of foundation repairs in Ottawa, you’ll need to work with the absolute best foundation repair company in the city. At Neworld Foundations we have years of expertise in the foundation repair field and we’ll tell you exactly why you should work with us to fix your foundation in Ottawa.

Fixing our house’s foundation problems can be a scary and daunting process. It will help you get closer to transforming your house into your dream home and will avoid you all kinds of structural damage that could put your whole house at risk.

The deterioration of your foundation will only worsen if you leave it ignored and addressing these issues as soon as possible is crucial. Although repairing your foundation is something that should be considered urgently, it’s important to work with the best foundation repair company in your city.

A lot of companies can repair your foundation in Ottawa but only a few can offer you the expertise and the commitment to quality that you truly deserve. When it comes to foundation repair in Ottawa, Neworld Foundations is the company you should contact.

Top reasons we’re the best Foundation Repair Ottawa company to work with

If you still have doubt about who to contact to fix your foundation, have a look at a few reasons why we are the perfect match for your foundation repair Ottawa :

1.The quality of our foundation repair in Ottawa

At Neworld Foundations we have years of experience in foundation repair in Ottawa. Because of our commitment to quality foundation repairs, we are constantly trusted and referred. We pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of service when it comes to fixing your foundation.

One thing that differentiates us from the competition is the excellent communication we have with our clients at every step of the project. We know that providing the highest level of service to our customers has been the key to our success.

Other foundation repair company may try to sell you reparations that are not needed but at — we believe in absolute transparency. We’ll tell you exactly what needs to be done and what doesn’t with your foundation. If excavation around your foundation is needed, we’ll keep the disruption of you landscaping to a minimum.

We’ll only excavate soil where needed. The work might be done around the whole perimeter if necessary, but if possible, we’ll only dig around a much smaller perimeter to get all the reparations done.

We’ll also remove plants if needed and disconnect all utilities in preparations for the excavation of soil around your foundation. After your foundation is completely repaired, we’ll refill the area around the worksite and make sure the soil is properly compacted.

We also execute all of our reparation in a timely manner and that’s why customers are happy to recommend us over and over again.

2.The wide variety of reparations we offer

Another thing that sets us apart from the competition when it comes to foundation repair Ottawa is the wide range of reparations we offer.

Repairing foundation structural issues

When it comes to repairing structural issues in your foundation in Ottawa, we’re the experts. Some very specific foundation problems that we can fix include :

-wet basements

-Bowing basement walls

-Cracks in your brick walls created by foundation issues

-interior house wall cracks

Polyurethane foam injection 

If your foundation is damaged, water and humidity can quickly accumulate in your basement. Insects can also seep through these cracks and invade your basement.

These cracks can form from the ground freezing and thawing around your foundation as well as concrete shrinkage, and soil movement around your house.

We’ll normally use Polyurethane foam injections to fill cracks that pose no structural risk to the foundation. Polyurethane provides an extremely good solution for sealing cracks in your foundation. This effectively prevents water and insect from getting inside your basement.

Have a look at all the other services we offer here!

3. Great communication with our clients at every step of the project

At Neworld Foundations we believe that good communication with our clients is what makes each of our foundation repair in Ottawa project successful. From the free estimate through every step of the project, we’ll let you know exactly what needs to be done to get your home foundation in awesome shape.

We’ll repair your foundation with minimal disruption to your schedule and lifestyle and inform you about each one of the procedures we’ll do to bring your house back to perfection.

While it’s perfectly acceptable to remain inside your home, some homeowners still choose to leave while repairs are in progress. Whether you choose to stay or leave, we’ll let you know when there could be some noise and vibrations from industrial machinery.

If you’re worried about the different things repairing your foundation in Ottawa entails, read Things you Need to Know about Foundation Repair.

4. Foundation repairs that are done in a timely manner

At  Neworld Foundations we pride ourselves in foundation repairs done in a timely manner. Your home’s foundation has two main adversaries – time and moisture.  These two factors will only make your foundation worsen until it’s eventually repaired.

Because of this, foundation problems, when finally addressed, need to be taken care of urgently. Forget about foundation repairs that drag on for weeks and weeks. Our team of foundation repair Ottawa experts will execute all the renovations in a timely manner so you’ll be able to enjoy your house as quickly as possible.

5. Years of experience

When it comes to foundation repairs in Ottawa, what sets us apart from the competition is our experience. We have years of experience and worked on countless foundation repair projects. We can address bigger foundation repair projects than our competition. 

We have seen all the different possible foundation repair scenarios and we can confidently address any job without problem.

Contact us today for a free estimate and let us help you create your dream home!

We’re the only company you’ll need for foundation repairs in Ottawa

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