Foundation Crack Repairs

At Neworld Foundation, we’ll fix cracks in your basement walls in the blink of an eye.

Cracks in your foundation can quickly become a nightmare. Seeing gaps or cracks in the brick exterior of your house is a clear indicator that you could have cracks in your foundation.

These cracks can be caused by concrete shrinkage around your house as well as the ground freezing and thawing and soil movement around your house.

If your foundation is cracked, water and humidity can quickly build up in your basement. Insects are attracted to damp basements because they seek sheltered, humid environments to nest and breed. If insects eventually infect your home, you’ll have to pay for the fees of the exterminator in addition to your foundation repair costs.

We’ll normally use Polyurethane foam injections to fill cracks that pose no structural risk to the foundation. Polyurethane provides an extremely good solution for sealing cracks in your foundation. It therefore makes it possible to effectively prevent water and insect.

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Why choose us?

These are just a few of the reasons why thousands of homeowners have put their faith in us to renovate their foundations. We complete everything correctly, on schedule, and within budget.

Great communication

A successful foundation project requires extensive communication among all everyone involved. At Neworld Foundation, clear and transparent communication is an integral part of every renovation we do.


Teamwork is at the core of every project we do at Neworld Foundation. We’ll work together as a team and with homeowners to help them get their dream home.

Objective advice

We want you to have the foundation renovation you want and need, not the one that is easiest for us or more profitable for our company.


The long years of experience we have in foundation renovation in Ottawa allows us to offer much higher levels of expertise than other less experienced companies.


Integrity gives our business a competitive edge. Our company is based on sincerity and honesty. Transparency is at the heart of every foundation renovation and service we offer at Neworld Foundation.

Customer Service

Excellent service is an integral part of every project we do. Time after time, we’ll deliver quality results that will exceed your expectations.

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