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If you live in the Canadian capital and you’re looking for foundation repairs you’re in the right place. We offer foundation repair Kanata and foundation repair in Ottawa in almost every neighborhood.


If you have a sagging or shaky foundation in Kanata, it’s something you shouldn’t put off. It’s important to face the problems before they spread and become a bigger mess to clear up. If you need foundation repair in Kanata, Neworld foundation is the company to help you out!

Our team of of top-notch foundation repair Kanata professionals are at your service!

Kanata has had a construction boom, and many Ottawa residents now call it home. It’s simple to see why, with quick access to high-paying IT jobs and a wide range of attractions.

But what about the state of your own home or business? Do you have any issues with your foundation? For quick and dependable foundation repair in Kanata, Neworld foundation is at your service.

For decades, we’ve proudly repaired foundations in many neighborhoods of Ottawa, including Kanata. In this article we’ll tell you why we’re the best company to work with when it comes to foundation repair Kanata.


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The foundation repair Kanata services we offer


With years of foundation repair experience in Kanata, we can guarantee that your home’s foundation will be repaired in no time!

We’re the professionals when it comes to addressing structural issues with your foundation in Kanata. We provide a variety of foundation repairs in Kanata, including:


1. Repairing foundation cracks in Kanata


Foundation cracks can rapidly turn into a nightmare. The presence of gaps or cracks in the brick façade of your home is a strong indication that you may have foundation issues. Concrete shrinkage around your house, as well as earth freezing and thawing and soil movement, can all contribute to cracks.

When it comes to foundation repair Kanata, we’re experts in repairing foundation cracks. Have a look at the list of services we offer to learn about the process we use to seal cracks in foundations.

Do you need a qualified team for your foundation repair Kanata? Call us for a free estimate today!


2. Waterproofing of foundations in Kanata


It’s critical to keep water out of your foundation wall, and it’s one of the most vital tasks we’ll take in your foundation repair Kanata. Water may eventually seep into your basement if your foundation is not waterproof.

A moist basement not only stinks horrible, but it also invites mold growth. It’s critical not to use your basement as a storage room if this happens. When it comes to waterproofing your foundation in Kanata, we use different techniques. We’ll use a mix of sealant injections, interior drainage, and exterior waterproofing.

Have a look at this article for more information on this type of reparation.


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3. French drain replacement in Kanata


French drain replacement is another foundation repair Kanata service we’re proud to offer! A French drain is a ditch with a perforated pipe that channels groundwater and surface water away from your home’s foundation. Over time, French drains can become damaged or shift out of place owing to soil movement around your home.

Every 8 to 10 years, French drains should be reinstalled or rebuilt. If your yard is flooded or water slowly creeps into your basement, you should consider a French drain replacement in Kanata to help dry things out.


4. Parging in Kanata


If you need parging in Kanata, we’re the company to contact! Parging is a great way to preserve your foundation and keep water out of your basement. A parge coating is an acrylic-based finish that can be used on the inside of your basement as well as the outside of your foundation. This is just one of the numerous foundation repair Kanata services we offer. Call us today for your free estimate!



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Why choose us for your foundation repair Kanata


There are many reasons why you should work with us for your foundation repair Kanata. Here are just a few of them:


Foundation Repair of the Highest Quality


Every foundation repair Kanata project we work on is done with the highest quality standards. We’ll consistently produce high-quality renovations that exceed your expectations. If you need foundation renovations in Kanata you can have the peace of mind that our work will be done following a strict work ethic and quality standards.


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Many years of experience


We have several years of experience in foundation repair Kanata. This enables us to provide significantly greater levels of expertise and take on renovation projects that are much larger than other organizations with less experience.


Great communication in all our foundation repair Kanata projects


We have an excellent communication with all our clients at every step of the foundation renovation projects we do in Kanata. We’ll inform you of every step we take and we’ll always be 100% transparent on what is needed for your foundation renovation to be a success.


If you need foundation repair in Ottawa, call us today for your free quote!!