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Are you thinking about repairing your foundation in Ottawa? Maybe you’re wondering how much it costs to repair a foundation in Ottawa or if foundation repairs in Ottawa are worth it. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you always wanted to know about foundation repair Ottawa.



Your house is without a doubt the most expensive investment you’ll ever make. That’s why it’s really important to protect it. If you think something is wrong with your foundation, it’s imperative to identify the first signs of foundation problems and contact a foundation repair company.

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In this article, we’ll help you the identify the first signs and the common causes of foundation problems. We’ll also tell you about what consequences not repairing your foundation in Ottawa could have in the long term.


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1. What are the first signs of foundation problems?


Signs of foundation problems are not always obvious but here are a few indicators that you will need some foundation repair in Ottawa:


Walls and floors cracks and fissures

This is the first and most obvious sign that you’ll need foundation repairs in Ottawa. Seeing gaps or cracks in the brick exterior of your house is definitely a sign of foundation problems. Although these gaps and cracks are not very big at first, they can incrementally grow over the years.

Cracks that are larger than 7 mm can be a reason for concern and should be checked immediately by a foundation repair company. Over time, water and insects can get into these cracks and damage your foundation even more. 


Your foundation is moving upwards

Foundation upheaval is a problem that shouldn’t be overlooked. If your foundation is moving upwards, contacting foundation repair specialists in Ottawa should be done as soon as possible.

This upward movement of your foundation will almost always affect your hallways, doors, and windows. There can be many causes for the upward rise in your foundation such as soil contracting and expanding, excessive rain, frost, and plumbing leaks.

The number one problem of a foundation raising is moisture and excessive water in the soil around your home. If you notice your foundation is raising and need some foundation repairs in Ottawa, contact us for a free estimate today!


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Your foundation is sinking

It’s normal for a foundation to sink a little bit over time, but an excessive amount of setting can be a sign of foundation problems. Over time, it’s even possible that one side of your house sinks more than the other.

Even a dip as small as half an inch in one part of your house can eventually grow and become a very big problem. If left unattended, it’s totally possible for your foundation to sink from two to four inches into the ground.

The longer you disregard the problem, the worse the foundation becomes. When extreme sinking occurs, many safety hazards can develop quickly. If this is the case, we may need to lift your foundation and install interior or exterior foundation piers.

By hiring a foundation repair contractor when you first notice your foundation sinking, you can avoid foundation failure, while reducing costs and hazards.


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The doors in your house don’t close properly anymore

If you start noticing that your doors don’t close correctly anymore, that’s usually an indicator of foundation problems. When interior doors are affected by foundation issues, they drag or stick at the top.

If you live in the Ottawa region and start noticing these problems in your house, contact us for a free estimate today, we are your foundation repair Ottawa experts!


You notice some gaps around windows

This is another strong indicator that you could have foundation issues and that you may need to contact some foundation repair experts in Ottawa. If you start noticing gaps around your windows and space around your exterior doors you shouldn’t wait before asking for professional advice.


Your counters and cabinets are tilting and pulling away from the walls

Another sign that you may need to contact experts in foundation repair Ottawa, is when your counters and cabinets start tilting away from the walls. If your basement floors and walls aren’t level anymore, all the other floors and walls in your house will start shifting.


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If you need some foundation repairs in Ottawa, contact us for a free estimate today!



2. What are some of the common causes of foundation problems?


The number one cause of foundation issues is water and moisture. If there’s excess water in the soil it will swell and if there’s too little it will shrink.

Frost also causes foundation trouble. When water freezes, it increases in volume by 9%. This creates more pressure on your basement walls and can make your whole foundation shift.

Another cause of foundation problem is building your foundation on a sink hole. If you notice that your foundation is suddenly sinking or settling, this could be the case. While this problem is not very common, it can occur from time to time and requires immediate attention.


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3. Are foundation repair Ottawa worth it? 


Regardless of cost, foundation repairs are always worth the investment. The foundation is the base of a home and it’s the platform that will support all its weight. A foundation issue could put the structural integrity of your entire home at risk.

When parts of your foundation become damaged, your basement walls are much more likely to start having cracks. Mold, mildew, water, and insects can seep into these cracks and create a lot of harm to your foundation over time.

If you’re planning to sell your house, you should definitely consider fixing the foundation before selling it.  It could end up being very difficult to sell your home if it has a damaged foundation, since banks typically won’t lend on it. Also, buyers are much more probable to buy a home with foundation repairs than a home with serious, unaddressed problems with its foundation.

Foundation repairs are not only worth it but essential, and the sooner you can fix foundation issues, the better it is.


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4. What can happen in you don’t repair your foundation in Ottawa?


Most new homeowners don’t like unexpected repairs that can stretch their budget. Costly surprises, however, are part of what being a new homeowner entails. Foundation problems are not necessarily expensive to take care of if they’re addressed immediately.

If you wait too long to repair your foundation, however, costs and problems will eventually escalate. Here are just a few consequences of not repairing your foundation in Ottawa as soon as you can:


Structural damage that spreads all over your house

Damage to your foundation can quickly spread to the rest of your house like a domino effect. From the walls and floors to the door frames and window frames, every part of your house can be affected by structural damage to your foundation.

Want to avoid structural damage? Call us today for your free foundation repair Ottawa estimate.


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Repair costs that keep escalating

The deterioration of your foundation will only worsen if it’s left ignored. Ignoring your foundation problem for a few days or weeks is something you can still recover from but not addressing these issues for a longer period will create tons of bigger and costlier problems over time.


Having to deal with an insect infestation

If your foundation is damaged, water and humidity can quickly accumulate in your basement. Insects are attracted to damp basements because they seek sheltered, humid environments to nest and breed.

If insects eventually infect your basement, you’ll have to pay for the fees of the exterminator in addition to your foundation repair costs.


We hope this article enlightened you about foundation repairs. If you live in the Ottawa region and see some signs of foundation issues or foundation damage on your house, don’t wait and contact us for your free foundation repair Ottawa estimate.

We are the experts in foundation repair in Ottawa and we would love to repair your foundation and help  you get your dream home!