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You may want to consider replacing your French drain to dry things out

Things with French in their title  are you usually a bit too fancy. Let’s think about French poodles and French pastries just for a second. A French drain on the other hand is much more practical and it’s definitely something you’ll need to replace before repairing your foundation in Ottawa.

A French drain is a trench containing a perforated pipe that redirects surface water and groundwater away from the foundation of your home. French drains can become damaged over time or they can shift out of place due to the soil movement around your house.

Normally French drains should be reinstalled or replaced every 8 to 10 years.  If you have a soggy yard or water that seeps slowly into your basement, you may want to consider replacing your French drain to dry things out.

If you have never installed a French drain near your foundation and you have a permanent damp spot in your yard or you always get water in your basement after it rains, you might want to consider installing one.

A French drain is also the perfect solution for basements that have water seeping in through the foundation. This happens when water accumulates near your foundation and after “pressing” against it, starts to leak through your basement walls.

With a French drain, however, water that accumulated near the foundation can be rerouted and deposited farther from your house.

Could a French drain replacement be the solution to your foundation problems in Ottawa?

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A successful foundation project requires extensive communication among all everyone involved. At Neworld Foundation, clear and transparent communication is an integral part of every renovation we do.


Teamwork is at the core of every project we do at Neworld Foundation. We’ll work together as a team and with homeowners to help them get their dream home.

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We want you to have the foundation renovation you want and need, not the one that is easiest for us or more profitable for our company.


The long years of experience we have in foundation renovation in Ottawa allows us to offer much higher levels of expertise than other less experienced companies.


Integrity gives our business a competitive edge. Our company is based on sincerity and honesty. Transparency is at the heart of every foundation renovation and service we offer at Neworld Foundation.

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Excellent service is an integral part of every project we do. Time after time, we’ll deliver quality results that will exceed your expectations.

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