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Is the concrete beneath your home in distress? Have you started noticing cracks in your brick walls? Maybe your home started sinking slightly on one side and you want to quickly address the issue.

The deterioration of your foundation will only worsen if you leave it ignored and addressing these issues as soon as possible is crucial. Although repairing your foundation is something that should be considered urgently, it’s important to work with the best foundation repair company in your city.

You need some foundation repair in Ottawa but you’re not quite sure which company could cater to your specific needs? At Neworld Foundations what sets us apart from the competition is the wide range of reparations we offer.

With years of experience in foundation repairs in Ottawa, we can assure you that your home’s foundation will be fixed in no time!

When it comes to repairing structural issues in your foundation in Ottawa, we’re the experts.

Some very specific foundation repairs in Ottawa that we offer include:

Foundation waterproofing

  • Sealants, epoxy injections and polyurethane injections
  • Interior drainage
  • Exterior waterproofing


  • Regular parging
  • Acrylic parging

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